Friday, 17 April 2009

Nordic Treat

photo by: just.K

I just discovered this pretty special (and very manageable) Spotify playlist, Vantapamig, posted by a Nordic sweetie. Try this if the other link doesn't work.

I am as quick to join in on a rant about the dearth of letter-writing as any other toff around here, but bless the magical interweb. I am so grateful that I didn't have to meet this person on a Contiki tour and then hope she would indeed send me that mixed tape she promised in exchange for my Crowded House tape, the one that had been playing (along with Counting Crows) on the bus during the entire trip of 73 countries in 6 days. That would suck on so many levels.

Judging from her last name and her careful selection of moody, but accessible songs, I think she's Scandi, but I will say Nordic to be safe since the girls from that part of the world are fierce. Scandis have the low contextuality (ie directness of speech, fewest words to convey meaning) of Australians mixed with that intense pride that comes from being from a set of countries that are apparently so much more evolved than everywhere else. They just don't seem to care if you like them or not. Anyway (ahem), it's been getting me through today's writing session. Thanks Alexandra.

Feel free to (please) send some more study/work playlists my way. I'd like something upbeat to join this one, but not something that will trigger any automatic robo-dancing.

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