Saturday, 11 April 2009

Creativity as Frippery?

My grandmother is accomplished. She's fiercely bright, high-spirited and decisive, she's a doctor and a giver, and she's creative and thoughtful. She's also from one of those generations that doesn't exchange complaints all the time. A short while back, she helped my family move house (and sort through thirty years of encumbrances) and was, I recall, the only one of us not to grumble. Part of this package deal is modesty - she would see my description here as possibly gushy or improper and definitely unnecessarily fussy.

One of her hobbies is photography, and from time to time she worries that it amounts to mere frippery. I think it's interesting how certain types of creativity are harder to justify to oneself than intellectual pursuits or the service of society (or the market!). But I guess there is a scale of things in life, right? And pure commitment to aesthetics would preclude so many other possibilities in life. Although, I am not sure who has the authority to judge the useful from the (merely aesthetic?) rest. Do we need to justify these things? Some claim that usefulness is hideous, and that art is serious. How do you guys see your creative endeavours, including, for instance, your blogs? Is it essentially about having both in your life, about covering both bases - the useful and the aesthetic?

In the meantime, these are some of her beautitful photographs that were recently highly acclaimed by her peers. How delightful are those droplets?!


Kate said...

Those are incredible photos - superb.

I never justify the small creative endeavours I pursue - I strongly believe that any interests serve to make you a more interesting person. Perhaps frivolity would be when you forsake all else (the people around you, your job, your personal hygiene!). But an aesthetic pursuit is a life-enhancing element - it shouldn't be subject to prioritisation or too much scrutiny.

Great job at the conference - glad you got some helpful feedback xxx

Ink said...
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Ink said...

I missed these the first time somehow. GORGEOUS! Sheer Art with a capital A!