Thursday, 19 February 2009

Six things

photo by niznoz

Was just transmitted a meme by Inktopia. Am now compelled to create a list of six things that make me happy. If you're reading, you're now a host too.

  1. Lady parties - the ones where the group hormones are aligned, and there's intellectual, sincere and (at its best) playful conversation between women

  2. Witty, affectionate banter with just about anyone, strangers will do

  3. Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance classes with the zany menopausal lot

  4. "Cracking the Code" or finally working out how to structure academic material that had up til then been right hooking me in the jaw

  5. Reading, walking or picnicking in the park, with my man, friends, the birds, flower and grass smells, distant chatter and squeals, the breeze - the classic combo deal

  6. Come to think of it, I'd trade in 5 to explore somewhere vast, dramatic and preferably watery any day


ink said...

Lovely list! (I especially like "cracking the code"--that's exactly how it feels!)

And you're was a duty.

John Flood said...

Ah...the watery one did it for's been too long...I miss it badly...