Monday, 9 February 2009

Dummy Mummy

Photo by: Redo

One of my friends, KT, sent me this article to add to my Article Dump, The Dummy Mummy Decade: Boring, Selfish, Smug by Rachel Cooke:

In the past decade...- a decade that began, if you are in search of neat bookends, with the birth of Brooklyn Beckham - a growing number of women have reverted, 50s-style, to identifying themselves primarily, vociferously, and sometimes exclusively, as mothers. They fetishise childbirth, and obsess about all that follows it, in a way that is almost, if not quite, beyond satire, and which makes me feel a bit sick.
I feel sympathy for Cooke's position and agree with most of her opinions, but I definitely don't feel quite as angry about this development as she does. Plus, I think it's a bit creepy (and boring, selfish and smug?) when she says how lucky she is that most of her friends have not turned into dummy mummies. Must be nice trotting past your pals on a high horse and judging them.

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