Friday, 6 February 2009

Article Dump

photo by: Animaux

For a while now, I have been collecting articles that I have taken my fancy for one reason or another. Here is a bunch of them that may serve as a nice afternoon read:
  1. Domestic Disturbances by Judith Warner: the dark side of people's faux-familiarity with the Obamas
  2. How an Emotion Became a Virtue by Clifford Orwin: a history and assessment of "compassion"
  3. The Myth of Multitasking by Christine Rosen: the downsides (neurological, educational and cultural) to multitasking
  4. No Hay Banda; a Long, Strange Trip Down David Lynch's Mullholland Drive by Allen B Ruch: a superb explanation of the obsessions and fantasies that make up this "puzzle-box of a movie"
  5. Thoreau's Worst Nightmare by Michael Agger: Are the new ascetics masters of self-denial or just self-promotion?
  6. A Study of Self-Presentation in the light of Facebook by Sasan Zarghooni: an essay on the adequacy of current theories of self-presentation to account for Facebook, as an online social network
In any case, as my mother often says, "Be of good cheer!"


kT LindSAy said...

Ooo, these look great!!! I will stockpile them for a blustery afternoon!

kT LindSAy said...

Here's another one for you. An article publiched yesterday in the Observer on 'The Dummy Mummy Decade'. Not that I by any means hate the idea of having children, although I do have an irrational fear of becoming the type of mother the article discusses!