Sunday, 14 November 2010

100 000 words lighter

I submitted my DPhil thesis on Friday. That was really hard, and I did it. And I did it fairly calmly too ('cept for the last few days - the bibliography beat me!). Thank you for your encouragement along the way. It helped. I now feel liberated and excited. It's done! (exhale)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Woohoo! Dr. Academic Hopeful is in the house!

*hugs and well wishes*

Academic, Hopeful said...

Whoops. Should have added that I still have a viva to go til I'm doctored. Could get mega corrections. But I will take your party times love now anyway! Thank you. Hope all's well.

Kate said...


Party time for now, for sure. Such an crucial milestone to Dr-hood.

And I can tell you that it all feels worth it from the other side.

(Just about to subscribe to a magazine, and ticking that Dr box is awesome).xxxx

Good Enough Woman said...

A 100,000 words at Oxford, no less. Damn.

I hope you're doing a big "Ta Da"! like my daughter does after her somersaults in gymnastics class! Arms up! Back arched! Tush out! TA DAAAAAA!!!

When's the viva?

Academic, Hopeful said...

Thanks for the comments! My twin was an elite gymnast so I know that special arched-back, hair-slicked-back-in-glitter-gel pose very well!

I am starting to feel good about it. I look at the end-product (290 pages) sitting on the coffee table, and it still feels like an impostor. But I think the "ta da" will come out, in a sudden burst, probably slightly aggressively.

My viva's on 6 Dec.

Very little idea what's next, which is fine!

Alice said...

AMAZING! I'm buzzing with happiness, pride, and all manner of good vibes for you. I hope you've caught up on some sleep - and I shall be keeping everything crossed for you on Dec 6th.


Miranda W. said...

So happy for you! What a big moment. Good luck w/ the viva. x

Anonymous said...

It is certainly an amazing feeling once that you finally submitted the final thesis paper. All your hardship, effort and time can now be credited and the product would be the new chapter of your life having a Ph.D. in your name. Anyway, I know it might be way late, but congratulation on it.