Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Best For Last

After a year of measly, dead-end rooms that could nuttify the most stable of people, I am now living somewhere pretty bloody superb. The ceilings are five metres high, cluttered book shelves make up much of the living room, there is always fruit on the kitchen table and chocolate by the tea and whisky, the shower has shown remarkable gumption and should be commended for that, there are plenty of coat hooks and mirrors in the entrance, and there is a cream and bronze, art deco lamp hanging over the dark study desk. I can move freely from room to room, which feels, quite frankly, stately by comparison. The back garden is lush and the leaves are now orange, lime and plum.

Only two more weeks til submission. I am suspiciously cheerful.

Hoping you are well, and enjoying a home.


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! AND only two weeks? Good luck good luck good luck -- though I'm sure you don't need it because your work is brilliant.

Academic, Hopeful said...

Thank you! I don't know about that...maybe some bits are pretty-alrighty. We'll see what the examiners make of it. Thanks again.

Miranda W. said...

Yay! What a beautiful space - so glad you've got somewhere home-y to be as finish your work.

I love that red chair in the living room. Makes me think I should redecorate :)


Good Enough Woman said...

Oh, it's lovely! How long do you get to stay there? Glad to hear you are cheerful in spite of (or perhaps b/c of?) nearing submission date!