Friday, 22 May 2009

Article Dump 3

photo by: smallandround

Some things in my electronic collection box:
  1. Beaten to the Punchline by Germaine Greer: What's holding women back in comedy?

  2. The Quiet Coup by Simon Johnson: Former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund says the finance industry has effectively captured the US government

  3. Who's Buried in Cleopatra's Tomb? by Stacy Schiff: Women, power and myth

  4. Born Believers: How your brain creates God by Michael Brooks: Is religious belief hardwired?
Read if you like.

Two things in my mental collection box:
  1. When colleagues/fellow students/friends are self-centred and emotionally greedy after a long day: I only accept compliments or presents after 10pm. (A student here gave me this to use in future and I like it.)

  2. When people ask you what you're doing next and you have neither the answer nor the energy to come up with a grand plan to satisfy them (as you might have done at some earlier stage): I understand you need my certainty to make yourself feel reassured, but I just can't provide you with that right now.
Use if you like.


Ink said...

I have just officially adopted this: "I only accept compliments or presents after 5 pm" as my new creed (though note I've moved the time up!). Thank you! :)

Btw, that art is AMAZING.

Kate said...

I love the second one! I shall use with relish and abandon. Mwah xxx