Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Somebody Stop Me!

photo by: Kimberley Hurst

You know when you've had too much time slaving away at the thesis when:

Purely for social terrorism* purposes, you're tempted to leave a comment on a truly beautiful photograph from the honeymoon set of your ex-boyfriend to the effect of "This is a constant reminder of pain and loss for me." And yep, he posted it on Facebook over a year ago.

*my expression for ratty, trouble-maker behaviour when frustrated and/or bored

And no, none of my ex-boyfriends look like this guy - who has something strange going on with his hairline behind the ear. Geez, they look really happy! Leave them alone, AH! Back to work!


KT Lindsay said...

......STOP!!!! /\_/\

Dr. No said...

YES. STOP. Just write some evil things about him on your blog!

Academic, Hopeful said...

Problem is, he's not evil. I don't have any residual anger, let alone romantic feelings for him (which would create the former). I don't mind that he's married, I just want to cause trouble for fun because I am finding my thesis difficult. Don't judge! No do.

droid said...

I think the girl in the picture looks like she's already contemplating an upgrade.

Alice said...

Social terrorism...I gotta do more of that!