Friday, 13 March 2009

Relaxation for PhD Students

I am on a terrible adrenaline course at the moment. I have been upping my use of relaxation and meditation podcasts of late (from none to one every day or so). But I am using them rather like a cyclist taking a quick swig of Gatorade and pegging the cup aside rather than a full session at the massage/medical tent. It's no good.

My brother (who is returning to Budapest tomorrow: sad times) found this clip the other day that reminded me of my efforts.

It's of Alan Patridge, Steve Coogan's best known character in the UK. For those who haven't come across him before, you're missing out. But to help you enjoy the clip: Alan is a small-minded, narcisstic, socially incompetent sports reporter turned television chat show host turned regional radio presenter. Here he is trying to follow a relaxation tape:

(Make sure you watch this at least twice: first for the visuals, second for the audio. It's gold.)


ihatemornings said...

That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Shoes not being exactly together is always stressful, and I will now never hear a relaxation tape without the voice of Partridge in my mind. "Please relax. I can't stress that enough." ;)

Anonymous said...

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