Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Purge Please

Photo by CowGummy

Starting a new (ethnographic) chapter involves conjuring - it requires faith, intense channeling, intuition, and magic.

Here are some thoughts that are pawing me like a cheeky cat, blocking my ability to summon this little bastard chapter forth:

1. I am in a room by myself. I need attention. Who wants to play? Writing my chapter or clicking Firefox logo...empty page or sleepy fox?

2. I wrote an email to a Professor whose article I used in my last chapter telling him how brilliant it was. He said it made his day. Glad to have brought some generosity and positivity to the academic world...But will I continue to do so once I take a sip from the glory cup? Mwahaha!

3. My best eggs are going each month or thereabouts. Babies have recently become appealing and cute instead of strange and boring. But the problem is: I don't want to keep one. Have I mentioned my velcro wall on which I hope to stick any future kiddies?

4. Love...marriage...the usuals. Can I be bothered?

5. Extrinisic versus intrinsic rewards...another regular in the pub of my mind. What a liberty!

6. I have specialised too much. I know beaucoup about the legal profession of England and Wales, a bit about law, some neat theories from Sociology, Philosophy and Education, a tad from Anthropology, I have a smattering of History (Europe 'between the Wars', American, Australian, Art), I can tell you about UK Higher Education policy, how not to make a short film, but then nothing else. I am still not over the grandiose desire of my teens to know a little bit about everything, even just a bit more science and politics...and that damned Russian literature. Got to get back to that. I'm a lightweight who will never be great at anything. I can barely get my head around Microsoft Word.


Kate said...

You are so funny. I love the eggs point. I might make some badges on that topic!
K x

Monkey Mind said...

Can you please!? I would wear one out and about for sure. x

Alice said...

Hey sometimes Microsoft Word can be tricky - the other day the font toolbars disappeared from my page completely, and without provocation (I think!).

I'm glad it's not just me who gets distracted by the sleepy fox...I obviously need to work on my conjuring.

I hope the chapter's coming along xx

Monkey Mind said...

That toolbar has messed with me too, Ali.

Definitely over the starting hump and getting into this next chp, thanks.

I am so grateful that I have you fabulous women supporting (indulging?) me, and providing me with lovely distractions (your blogs). Mwah!

rache said...

there is nothing wrong with being a jack of all trades...although somehow i dont think you can claim that...too many post (maiden) surname letters :-)