Sunday, 7 September 2008

Getting Crafty

One of my cosmic siblings (no, not in a SWF kinda way), Kate, continues to astound me with her Crafty McCraftiness. She sticks and varnishes maps onto shelves, pops out swanky badges, bakes robot cakes for her preciouses and creates breathtakingly sweet cross-stitched hankies. You should check out the stuff she sells...especially while her September sale is on.

So this morning, I decided to get a bit of tactile time in before tending to the little bastard (next chp). I made some fairly cute cards. Half of my family and friends, it seems, were the product of shameless (Australian) summer lovin.' They arrived into this godforsaken world therefore in the already crowded months of September and October. I am going to unleash my cards onto them although they don't necessarily deserve them more than anyone else.

Otherwise, am about to finish Coetzee's Slow Man, watching snippets of The Mighty Boosh and getting a lesson in Debussy from The Boy (who wants his babies).

1 comment:

Kate said...

EEE! They're beautiful! So good to get your head out of the chapter and into some craftiness. I promise it'll help your head :)

Love that you love Stephen Fry. I feel like we're even much more cosmically-aligned than I thought!