Friday, 4 November 2011

Final Post

It has been almost a year since I last posted, and since I submitted my thesis. I have been aware all this time that I left Academic, Hopeful in a soggy state so I am finally and formally finishing it now. I probably needed the time away from it, from all things related to life in Oxford and my thesis. After I left, Oxford took on a distasteful quality, even though I missed my friends and could remember being, for the most part, happy, even sometimes very happy, there.

Things have certainly changed for me. I don't punt or go to debates at the Union or cox or drink red wine with Germans. I write and perform comedy. I don't hear violin-playing at night. I speak more slowly. I don't talk as much about the future. I can better listen to other people. I don't jump when cats pounce at night. My face is brighter, but more lined. I can no longer watch dance shows or reality TV. You can't keep it all.

Last month I returned to Oxford for my DPhil graduation (see if you can spot me). I was able to enjoy the town again. Not as a student - I did not sit with the freshers in dingy bars to talk about whose country is better than whose, then shriek with laughter, or share dreams, and quietly worry. This time I was the visitor in the table beside, charmed by the place. And that was perfect.

Thank you for reading and your comments.

Best Wishes,



Good Enough Woman said...

AH! Nice to see yours words again. And this is a good chance for me to thank you for your suggestions about places to go when I visited Oxford last January. I had a great time. I ate at the Vault, and I ate at Gees, and I stayed at the Old Parsonage and had high tea there with fresh, warm scones and the the most amazing clotted cream. And they also have great french fries (chips), and I LOVED the "Old Hooky" beer they had.

I'm glad you are doing well, and I find it very interesting that you don't watch dance shows or reality TV anymore. And you're performing comedy? VERY interesting.

So. In the picture. My first impulse is that you are the one in the lower right corner of the frame. My second thought is that you are the one in the middle.

Thanks for the post! And "Cheers!"

Anonymous said...

I have missed you and I hope that everything is going really well! Best wishes to you.