Monday, 15 March 2010

Notice to Childish Ego:

I was wondering whether you'd mind please taking a ticket and lining up behind other customers in the queue - like thesis, outstanding publication resubmissions, job applications, exercise regime, relaxation and enjoyment, family and friends, balanced diet, regular sleep, and, right at the back there, healthy perspective. This meats and cheese counter is pretty busy right now, and I would ask you to honour the system in place, even if it's pedal powered and steaming.

When (perfectly lovely) ex boyfriend informed me that he is seeing someone else (a reasonable, natural thing), you saw it as some sort of invitation to bolt down the aisle, barge past everyone else (don't think I didn't see that neat elbow in the head to healthy perspective), and start firing your mid-late 90s-style questions about the past and my self-worth, and then you tried to distract everyone by setting up some fancy video montage of their meeting and happy moments together. It will take me some time to forgive you the video - that was low - though I recognise that you get bored sometimes, and that I don't let you run as freely these days.

Anyway, I may deal with you at some point, but, for now, you've had a good day's run around, and I'd like you to take a ticket or, preferably, step away from the counter and scamper back to the sugary cereals.

Right. Next? Thesis?


Anonymous said...

Don't banish your ego just yet! I noticed the link on your blog to 'As if by Magic - Study Tips' read them and thought they were exactly what I need to read as a mature/nontrad student. Do you mind if I post the link on my blog for other mature/nontrad readers to see? I think they will also enjoy reading, and putting them into practise.

As to the ex's new girlfriend - probably not as 'clever, witty 'add anything you like to this list' as you.

take care.

Academic, Hopeful said...

Thanks SM. Needing all the doggy biscuit ego strokes I can get! (Please excuse incoherence with post, the supermarket metaphor can only go so far!).

Sure thing about sharing my study tips with others.

Hope all's well for you.

Good Enough Woman said...

I love the supermarket metaphor! Queue up! Queue up! I'm glad you're setting things straight with the queue jumper. Good job.

Alice said...

Awww :(

Hugs xx