Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wink at Me Sydney!

Isn't where I am from pretty? It's a wonder anyone here has a fully formed personality (ahem).

Having said that, last week, I took a friend from overseas to this new, rather cosy and possibly illegal zoo in town and he said that all our native animals - such as the koala, the wombat, the kangaroo - look like they're out of work:

Not much more of the sunny fun times. Shortly back to the blob of white.


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous. Beautiful. I'm jealous! (In the nicest way, of course.)

droid said...

Are you referring to your exercise regimen?

Blanch-o-blog said...

Those kangaroos look like they've been eating whatever the koalas are on. Or are all your animals on the dole?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, apart from the unemployed Kangeroos!

I wish I was there!