Thursday, 19 November 2009

Preparing for Home

photographs by: xssat

In between churning out the words and riding my bike to and from the library, I'm starting the mental and physical preparations for my upcoming England departure. I am heading home for the final (?) thesis burst and to spend Christmas and most of the summer with my family and friends. This will be my first Christmas at home in a few years. It will be lovely to draw in a waft of pine needles and mangos at the same time, to sneeze at the bright sun in the high sky, and to dive under the dauntless ocean waves. Tralalala!

One thing's for certain: I will have to face Sydney trendies. Australian trendies are like English trendies, only with a little less audacity, a lot more skin, a few more smiles, and, most importantly, beset by white light, the most unforgiving of all the lights going round. (Evidence for your pleasure included above. Click to zoom.) This makes me apprehensive. In Oxford, you would never even have to see, let alone reveal, anything from below your neck if you didn't choose to. Quite normal. Plus, in the graduate community (not to be confused with the undegrads, darling!), people tend to think a t-shirt with a clever slogan slapped on it is daring. I have to decide whether I can be bothered trying to look as interesting and appealing as everyone else or whether I should write myself off as a PhD geek and stick to the jeans, trackies and odd, excessive layers until completion (even on the beach!). Not the most significant worry...but more fun than the rest of them...and the one I am least attached to.


Bavardess said...

Summer in Sydney - at least you'll get your sun fix! I just hope the bushfires aren't so bad this year.

We colonials from the other side of the Tasman generally feel the same about the Sydney trendies.

Alana Piper said...

I am spectacularly unaware of Sydney trendies, so it's all good! Straight back into cheap sundresses, thongs and big sunnies for me! :)

Although... not looking forward to the return of troublesome skin in those hot humid conditions!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it's going to be so cool. You deserve a break! And you'll be the cosmopolitan world traveler returning you get to set the trends. :)