Friday, 24 July 2009

Can You Guess What Day it is Today?

Thanks for all your emails, messages and words of encouragement, real life and blogland pals. I feel like my hand was held a little to get to today, and this morning I feel great - cheerful, relaxed, and ready to head to my Department with my Birthday badge on (in my going out get-up, minus heels). Lots on this weekend. Will take some pretty pics to share.

Was going to kick this post off with photos of grotesque cosmetic surgery or suggest that my life was over with this little ripper, but am going for positivity for now.

[in whisper] It's just past 1pm my time. Still nothing crazy has happened to me or to anything around me. I am at my Department, happily editing a chapter and I am still wearing my frilly birthday badge. I am praying this turning 30 calmness thing spills over until submission. That would be pretty sweet. My father has informed me via email that my adolescence is now officially over. Tell that to the rest of Oxford and the academic profession, Dad! He's been really sweet about my birthday, actually. Apparently, flowers have been sent to me. In typical Oxford fashion (sometimes the paternalism is lovely), one of the porters at my College just rang the administrator here to let me know. More later. (I do know that people are dying from preventable diseases and starving and being politically repressed, and this is ridiculously self-regarding and trite, but I am 30 now so no shame.)


Kate said...


Happy big one, my lovely! Speak soon!


Alice said...

EEEEEEeeeeee!!! Happy Birthday!!!
I hope you track down and eat more than one of those delicious looking cupcakes!

Have the bestest day, and let's organise a Skype date soon to celebrate xxx

LPC said...

Happy birthday! The 30's are great. No need for fear of any sort.

John Flood said...

Big happy birthday! 30s were great!!

Ink said...

Happiest birthday wishes, with sparkly stars on top!

Welcome to the 30s! They rock(ed)!

Dr. No said...

Shit! I bit belated, but HAPPY 30!