Thursday, 21 August 2008

Meet you at the bonfire?

I have spent most of the last few weeks in a manky, mismatched tracksuit. I would like to think I look like the cutie (Alexa Cheung) below, but I rarely have a lollipop by my computer and my hoodies are for boys.
When you're a student it's easy to continue to dress like a teenager. Every year I tell myself that I will dress my age, more like these pretties:

I have decided that the end of my thesis means goodnight to my grotty teenager wardrobe. Who wants to come to my thesis submission party and burn tracksuits, and 1991 conference and heavy metal band t-shirts with me?


Kate said...

I have thought about this for a long time! I had a nice grey tracky top that I have since come to despise after wearing it for about a month straight.

I will come to your bonfire if you come to mine :)

Monkey Mind said...


And then I think we should have a varnishing session together. That sounded scrumptious.

Alice said...

I've been living in my red Sorbonne hoodie for longer than I care to reveal. Partially because I'm cat-sitting and it's become the designated cat jumper, but it's mostly because I'm both cold and lazy - and like to appear an intellectual (if cat hairy) snob on my walks to the pool.